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12 Best Dating Tips for Single Moms

Recognize that you have the right to live your life

It's not always easy to realize that everyone has an opinion on whether or not you should be dating or not. But it's your life and you're the only one who get to experience it or not. Not other person. If your children are still young, imagine how long you'll be free of the dating scene before they move-in with their roommates.

As a single parent, dating is a different ballgame as it was before you had children. These dating tips can assist you in starting off with the right attitude...

Be prepared for some resistance

Do not expect your children to be thrilled when you first begin to date. In the end, they've kept your attention for a long time, and now they must be a part of the conversation. It's a natural response. Take a seat with them and express your emotions. Tell them that you love them, but also want to be with your buddies (just as you do). Avoiding dating out of guilt will make you a victim. As a single mom, you are able to make the choices, not your children!

Find New Places to Visit

We're sure you're thinking: it's nearly impossible to meet a lot of singles when you're constantly in a kid-friendly place like the zoo or the playground. Invite your friends to hand out a few fliers to help you get started or even try something new such as taking a class or joining a group. You're sure to meet new people with your passions!

Get rid of the mom pants

As a parent, it's true that being an adult is the most important job but that doesn't mean mom jeans (or large sweatshirts or old T-shirts) acceptable. Take off your parenting clothes and dress in something that is sure to impress and increase your self-confidence. You'll not only attract the attention of others, but you'll also enjoy a confidence boost for yourself, as well. (a little mani-pedicure and cutting your hair would not be a bad idea also!)

Try online Dating

Take a dip in the dating pool on the internet. Although it's not as common appear, it's a great method for singles to meet new people, without having to go to the bars or having uninviting blind dates arranged by friends. Explore an online dating site for up to a month before taking time off for a few months or so in case you don't like those you're connecting with. However, don't quit on the idea too quickly. Nearly 4 out of 5 singles within the U.S. have tried online dating so don't be shy! It's the most popular method of meeting lots of people nowadays.

Be Open minded

Being parent doesn't mean that you can't date another parent. If a non-parent wants to ask you out, don't instantly dismiss him because you think that he hasn't changed his diaper. Give him a chance and you could be amazed.

Find the time

It's not easy to find time when you have children However, this shouldn't be an excuse to not be social. Invite your partner to join you for a cup of coffee in the afternoon or arrange an early breakfast time once the kids go at school whatever you can fit into your schedule. Be sure to not constantly remind your partner how busy you are. She is probably aware of it, and doesn't have to be reminded that you're pushing her into a schedule.

Baby Talk. Do not overdo it.

Children will always appear in conversation however, you should not talk about them during an initial date. Your partner wants to know about you. And while your children are an integral aspect of your life, they're not the sole thing that defines you. Consider the other areas of your existence like your hobbies, work and other pursuits, and leave the conversation about your kids for your next or the third time you meet.

Be sure to mention you have Children

The idea of talking too much about your children can be a distraction and you shouldn't conceal from the reality that you've got children. It's not best to pretend to be someone you're not and your date will be a bit offended when you talk about it later on. Single parenthood is not something to be ashamed of, be proud to talk about your children while directing the conversation away from other subjects.

Choose the Right Time to Introduce Your Children

If you casually seeing a guy that turn into an actual relationship, it's likely that they will be introduced to children. If your children are young, you can introduce your date as your brand new "friend" as it'll make the situation less intimidating. A little resistance from your children is fine. Make sure you reassure your children that the new person will not take over their dad.

A new romance can seem like a breath fresh air, and it's easy to desire that the relationship grow at a rapid pace. Allow yourself to become acquainted with the new guy. If your relationship is one that has potential for the future, going slow will not hurt. This will allow your children the time to adjust to you and become acquainted with your mother as a person.

Your children don't need to be able to meet each new person

Children aren't happy when they see a bunch of men who are taking their mom out. It's best to make your dates private until things get serious. In the wrong way, you'll cause your kids to be upset or bewildered. If it's time for your kids to meet this amazing new guy, plan a an informal meeting in a place outside of your home.

The responsibility of parenting lies with you

Do not be enticed to let your new partner take on all parenting roles until it's appropriate. What exactly does it mean? For instance, it might be a bit odd that he take your kid out of practice until he's a routine presence in your home. Do not even think about letting him disciplining your children. They will feel resentful and might have a grudge against your new friend.

Be positive and confident

Feeling anxious about getting back into the dating scene is not unusual, particularly when it's been a while but this isn't a reason to sit at home wearing your favorite pj's. Havnig butterflies and sweaty palms and aren't an issue, they're just a sign that you're getting outside of your comfort zone. You can be confident about yourself and before you go out, make yourself a promise to relax and enjoy yourself. After all, isn't that what dating should be about?

In Conclusion

If you're not certain that you're ready to begin meeting guys at bars or various social events, las mention above, look into online dating. Take a look at, as well as in which you are able to refine your search by defining the age, education level and much more. Good luck!


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