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Best Christmas App for Creating Santa Magic

Make Christmas Magic with Portable North Pole! The #1 Santa app globally is better than ever, with everything you need for a merry holiday season wrapped into an app available at your fingertips. Discover all-new personalized messages from Santa to share with the loved ones in your life, near and far!

I used this app to make videos for my kids and I have never seen them so excited. It's super easy to do as well! When you register, there are a few different videos you can choose from to customize for your kids. I was able to put in each kids birthday and upload a picture of them. I also got to choose from a bunch of options for some that applied to my kid for Santa to say to them. For my daughter, I chose "you're the best dancer in the world," and she was so happy to hear that Santa knew she was a dancer. When they each saw their pictures on the video and Santa said their ages they were in disbelief! We re-watch the videos often because they ask to see them all the time. The best thing is, when you're a premium member you get to download the videos to keep which is fantastic. This app has definitely added some magic into our home for this holiday season!

Is there an app where kids can talk to Santa?

Using the Portable North Pole app you can talk to Santa live and do video calls! The video calls are so personalized that you really feel like you're talking with Santa. He goes over presents the kids want, name, characteristics, family members names, and Santa's verdict on the naughty or nice list!

Get your 2022 Magic Pass today and enjoy exclusive bonuses, including: the Interactive Gift Tag, which transforms the gift-giving experience into a magical treat with a video showing Santa delivering your gifts, Official 2022 Nice List Certificate, Printable Good Deeds Game & Tracker, and much more!


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