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Best (Free) Online Games To Keep You & Your Kids Entertained

Something I have always loved to do, any time of the year is to play games, especially online games. I played video games and board games as a kid and then switched to online games once we got our first computer when I was in 3rd grade.

I know a lot of people don't like screen time for their kids, but in my opinion, if they're using that screen time to learn something then it's worth it in moderation. Playing online games can help your child with their fine motor skills and also with their memory skills and overall learning.

I use online games personally to have fun and decompress from the day. Sometimes if I need a break I'll play a word game or spider solitaire just to clear my mind. Here's some of our favorite games my kids and I play, but there are so many more than what's listed here.

What Games Can I Play For Free Without Downloading?

There are so many different websites where you can go online and play free games. I use because it has no advertisements and has games for all ages. Not only do they have classic games but they have many games foe preschoolers using PBS Kids characters such as Arthur and Daniel Tiger. All of their games on the website are free to use and don't require you to download them in order to use. Because of this it was a no brainer to keep using this site. I was happy I didn't have to waste memory space oh my phone or computer in order to play.

What Is The Best Free Online Game?

I think the best game depends on what you're looking for. There's hundreds of games to choose from, from action games to puzzles and card games and even new original games. I personally like to play a range of different style games depending on my mood. Here's a few of my favorite free online games to play and also my kids favorite games to play.

Pac Rat

Pac Rat is definitely inspired by Pac Man and is one of my favorites to play. I used to play Pac Man on my Gameboy when I was a kid. It's fun and a little bit suspenseful.

Spider Solitaire

This is probably one of the games I play the most online. I prefer it over regular Solitaire because it's more challenging and requires strategic planning of moving to cards in order to win.

Mahjong Solitaire

This is essentially a matching game of stacked tiles that you have to match up for them to disappear. The whole point of the game it to match them all up until the board is empty. It sounds easy and might seem easy at first, but if you don't plan out your moves you might get stuck and have no more matches free.

21 Blitz

Blackjack is a very common gambling game usually played in casinos. 21 Blitz let's you play the regular blackjack game, with a twist that has you strategizing more. There is a 4x4 grid and the goal is to add the cards dealt to make the rows and columns add up to 21.

Best Free Online Games For Kids

Virtual Xylophone

Both of my kids love music in all forms. Listening to videos online or TV and playing their instruments. Any easy way to entertain them is to have them make their own music which they can do playing the virtual Xylophone.

Daniel Tiger Barnyard Memory Match Game

My daughter loves Daniel Tiger and playing games so I knew this would be fun for her. It gives you the option for your kid to play alone or with an adult. Not only does it work on memory skills and matching but it provides fun ways of interacting. Some cards are "special cards" that provide other interaction such as asking "what sound does this animal make?" Playing this game will help kids with memory skills, learning animals and sounds, matching, and being patient when it's not their turn.

If memory games aren't something you're looking for but you want to play Daniel Tiger games, there are many more games to choose from with this character. Many of the games are storyline based that let you help out in a birthday surprise or picking out clothes to get dressed.

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Ever since the new live action Clifford movie came out last year, it's been very popular in our house. I was happy to see some Clifford games included that my preschooler could play along with.

In the Adventure Stories game you'll get to choose a short story which is read to you as you flip the pages. When the story is done you participate in activities that are related to the story such as painting a picture of outer space or choosing between 3 objects that you would find relating to the story.


These are some of our favorite games we play in our house, but there are so many more we play often. If you're looking for a site that's safe for your kids to play free games on (without ads) that don't require downloads, definitely check out They have nearly 1000 games and often add more. Although there are a lot of games for preschoolers and kindergarteners there are plenty of other character games for older kids such as Batman, Legos, Barbie, and Transformers to check out.

What are yout favorite games? Leave a comment with what you or your kids like to play online!

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