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Best Learning Games for Your Children Online

Online games are a great way for kids to learn and improve on their knowledge and skills. There are so many games you can play to help them reinforce what they're learning at school, but in a fun way. There are some that also help them learn new skills and help them out with their critical thinking skills. Whether it's a rainy day and there's nothing to do, or you're in the car traveling for the day, you can find a game for them to play that isn't just a mindless activity. Check out some of these online games that are fun but educational as well!

What are some free online games for kids?

Grocery Cashier

Grocery cashier is a game that can help young kids practice their addition and subtraction skills. The customer gives you what they purchased, and as the cashier you'll put in the amount of each product then figure out how much change you need to give them back. Kids will have to choose which dollar bills and coins total the correct amount to give back to the customer. If you make a mistake, that's ok just try again!

Hidden Food

This one is really fun because it requires a lot of focus, but you have to be fast to beat the clock. At the top you'll find specific photos of what you're looking for in the pile of food. You'll need to find the matching picture before the time runs out. This game helps kids with learning how to stay focused on a task while concentrating to find the right match. It also helps them with speedy thinking because you want to make your matches before the clock runs out to get bonus points.

LEGO City Adventures

What kid doesn't love LEGOS?! Now you can play with Legos in a virtual way by building your own city. What I like about this is that it is kind of like Farmville. You get to build your own Lego city but you can only buy things that you have enough coins for. Kids can learn how to subtly budget their money and build their own city. The more you build, the more coins you earn and then you can make your city huge. I personally think it's really fun to manage your own city in a game and it requires a lot of strategizing to do the best deals.

Is online gaming safe for kids?

With proper precautions, yes! online gaming is safe for kids. If you're looking for free online games for them to play check out the website first. Make sure the website you're using doesn't have a chat feature available. If there is no chat available then kids won't have the opportunity to talk to strangers. A lot of games can be played with the "computer" as the other opponent.


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