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4 Best Shows of Shark Week

The most well-known week in summer TV is Shark Week on Discovery channel. Each year specials for previous Shark Week years are shown as well as new shark shows for an entire week. If you love sharks, learning, and seeing great footage then Shark Week will certainly entertain you. Shark Week 2021 airs July 11th through July 18th and their new line-up can be seen on Discovery Channels website. We will go over the best shows of previous Shark Week years.

If you're a cord-cutter and don't have cable there are a few options for you. Discovery+ has it's own streaming service for only $4.99 per month and will have all of the previous years' Shark Week shows exclusively. Another bonus, you can try it for free if you're a new user.

Air Jaws

There have been many episodes of Air Jaws throughout the Shark Week years, but you can't go wrong with watching any of them. Air Jaws follows researchers who spend hours floating in boats in the ocean waiting for Great White sharks to breach. If you're wondering what it means when a shark breaches, it's when they swim extremely fast towards the top of the ocean, when hunting, and leap into the air. It's quiet amazing to see something that large flying through the air so high up. These researchers get amazing drone footage of the breaches and slow it down so you can get a good look of these huge sharks before they plummet back down into the water.

Alien Sharks

Alien Sharks is different from most of the other shows because it focuses on lesser known sharks that swim in all depths of the ocean. In this series you will get to see sharks you never knew existed, some of them looking so bizarre they seem like aliens. Sharks such as the Megamouth, Ghost Sharks, Lantern Sharks, and Goblin Sharks are just some that you will see in this show. Just because some of them are small doesn't make them any less terrifying if encountered. Many of these alien sharks are rare and extremely hard to find, so being able to see them on TV is unique and exciting.

Legend of Deep Blue

Have you ever heard of the term "mega sharks?" These are sharks that are larger than the average shark size. Deep Blue is a well-known shark around Guadalupe Island because of how massive she is. She is thought it be about 50 years old and is estimated to be about 20 feet long. The average female Great White shark is about 15 feet long.

I Was Prey: Shark Week

If you're terrified of the ocean and sharks, you may want to steer clear of watching I Was Prey. This Shark Week special shows footage and stories of real life shark attack victims. The footage and details can get gory, so if that's not your cup of tea you might want to move onto the next show. I Was Prey features stories of people from all over the world who have experienced these once in a lifetime encounters with sharks. These stories are definitely scary, but to put it in perspective, the chances of being bitten by a shark are about 1 in 4 million.


Make sure you tune into this year's Shark Week on Discovery channel to see new special premiering every night. They will be sure to provide great footage in it's 33rd year of the best summer programming.


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