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Best Summer Soccer Camp in 2023

Challenger's International Soccer Camp will offer programs for each age/ability level. The TinyTykes program, ages 2-5, provides fundamental soccer activities, games, and stories; designed to enhance technical skills along with physical and social development.

My kids did their first soccer camp this summer at ages 3 and 5. They had never played soccer before other than just kicking a ball around the yard. They had a blast during this camp. It was 5 days long and the camp for my 3 year old was 45 minutes and had simpler tasks that were ave appropriate and helped them work on listening skills. The camp for my 5 year old was 1 hour and 15 minutes each day and they did some more advanced games. They couldn't wait to go each day and the best part is, I was able to choose one that was closest to my house! It was only a couple minutes down the road.

The coaches were amazing. They were super patient and fun and remembered all of the kids names on the first day, I was really impressed!


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