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Half Of A Year Into Blogging

It's been just about 6 months since I started blogging on my own. Before I started my own blog I worked fully from home and helped work on the blog for the company I worked for. I did that for about 2 years and it was the first blogging experience I had ever had. Once that job was coming to an end in the Summer of 2021 I realized that what I learned from working there I could do on my own. I had always felt a lot of satisfaction looking and learning the SEO for blogs and seeing the data growth over the months.

What Have I Learned?

Luckily, as I mentioned, I had a couple of years experience with helping grow a website using the blog. During those years I learned what SEO was and how it's an extremely large part of how to grow a website and business. Before doing this I never knew about the behind the scenes of how search engines worked especially with ranking your website. I learned a lot about keyword research and how that helps get your site recognized and traffic.

At first I had NO idea what I wanted to blog about and my site was going to focus on "the best of" for just general information such as movies, crafts, videos etc. I joined some blogging groups and very quickly realized that I really needed to narrow down what I wanted to blog about and quickly came up with my blog being centered around being a mom. At that point I was home all day every day with my 2 young kids, so it really made sense.

Another thing I learned is there are a lot of different programs out there that help with influencers and bloggers. There's a whole network of different sites where companies and bloggers work together to build up each other's brands and websites. Intellifluence was a website I stumbled across and they help influencers from all backgrounds. Here's one of their Influencer Spotlights.

What's Next?

I have been slow at getting out new posts and staying on top of posting my links on social media for the past couple of months. I went back to working in person so that made my schedule very busy, but I still very much enjoy working on my blog. I will continue to work on posting relevant articles that hopefully help others in their parenting.

I also would love to continue working on finding new opportunities for influencers and growing my audience both on social media and traffic through my actual blog. It seems like winter is a difficult time for me to do it because it's just so cold and it makes me lazy. My numbers and data are dropping slightly, but I know that I can work hard to bring them back up to where they were before, so I will keep researching and participating in different blogging groups.

What Are Some Resources for Bloggers?

There are really an endless amount of resources out there to help bloggers grow their website. Some of the ones that I have found the most success in or enjoy working with the most are:

  • Intellifluence

  • Facebook groups for bloggers

  • Viralix

  • Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest

  • Affiliate programs

  • Niche specific sites (for mom blogs there's a bunch of sites that will let you try out products and write about them)


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