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How To Get a Personalized Letter From Santa for Your Kids

Christmas as a kid (and adult) can be a really magical time of year. I loved Christmas growing up and my parents made it so special feeling that I love all my Christmas memories. I wanted to create the same joy I felt growing up, for my kids, so I have been looking for ideas on how to make it special. One of the things I found in my searches was getting a letter from Santa.

When I received them in the mail it was exciting for me because the kids didn't know these letters were coming. I had them come with me to check the mail that day and they saw the envelopes and were excited to see something so fun (they always love checking the mail anyway). I definitely played it up and was very excited to tell them they got mail from Santa! They immediately were so happy and eager to tear the letters open.

Where can I order a letter from Santa?

There are many places you can order letters from Santa, however after researching most of them I really liked . I ordered two for my kids and they each came with a Santa letter, a map of the route Santa is going to take to get to our house, a certificate, and a nice list with their names. Not only was everything that came in the envelope really cute, but the envelope itself looked magical and got the kids very excited when they found out Santa wrote to them. The return address is stamped from "North Pole" in Alaska. Although my kids are young and couldn't fully appreciate that detail, I thought it was really fun where it came from.

How much does a letter from Santa cost?

The cost for one letter is $19.95 plus $4.95 for shipping. As you're checking out they do have other options and packages that you can add on for an extra cost. These extras include a "Santa Stop Here" sticker and door hanger, reindeer food, north pole snow, and a nice list magnet. There's also a "Christman Eve" bundle that includes a plate and cup for Santa's cookies. One of the great things about choosing is that 10% of their net profits goes to Toys For Tots.


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