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What is There to Do in Orlando?

Orlando is known world-round for being one of the most entertaining cities on Earth. From the amusement parks to the many different tourist traps and fantastic golf courses: there's a reason so many people plan for Orlando as their dream vacation.

These are the top reasons to plan for Orlando as your next vacation destination: and what it means to stay here!

For Singles

If you're single and on a trip to Orlando, there's a lot to do! Even if you're not a Disney adult, or a Harry Potter fan, you can still enjoy the fantastic partying and nightlife this city has to offer. Orlando has some of the most incredible clubs and party scenes you'll find in the country, with awesome live music, fantastic food and drinks, and a fun and exciting atmosphere that will have you forgetting how far you are from the beach. This is a fun place, even for singles!

For Families

If you're in Orlando as a family, there's no end to the things you can do! From visiting the Magical Kingdom to checking out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and even Universal’s Islands of Adventure: you’ll have a vacation full of some of the most incredible amusement parks in the world.

You can even find things to do for the family outside of the park! From alligator and wildlife shows to fun minigolf and excursions, your entire family will love getting to visit.

For Retirees

A retiree will feel right at home in Orlando! This area is built to cater to families, but that means it's also an awesome space for older adults! Countless golf courses, incredible weather year-round, and awesome food and entertainment will have you feeling like you found paradise. Outside of the parks, things can get expensive; Orlando apartments for rent are incredibly pricey: but it’s worth it to have your own slice of the perfect city.

Is it Safe?

Orlando is an incredibly safe city! Because of the presence of Disney world, there's a lot of pressure to keep this city crime-free and capable of handling the large turnover of tourists. That isn't to say that you shouldn't still be careful, though. Taking precautions like locking your hotel room door, keeping your wallet in your front pocket, or your purse held against your body firmly will keep you from having to worry about getting your items stolen if anyone tries to take advantage of the magical feeling this city has.

What to Pack for a Vacation

Packing for a vacation to Orlando is simple! If you're going in the summer, bring lightweight and breezy clothing, an empty water bottle that you can refill, sunscreen and bug spray, and comfortable walking shoes. You can still bring flip-flops, but those are better for the beaches: and don't do well in the parks.

Orlando Can Be a Dream Come True

Whether this is your first trip to Florida or you're trying to figure out what Orlando can be like: traveling here is like nothing else! Consider taking a trip to this awesome city soon!

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